About trilliondollarTV!

Is there any topic with more buzz in the tech blogosphere and popular media than the rumored Apple TV set? It’s become link bait, too. Empty rehashings of rumors that nevertheless draw thousands of views. Very little space and time is being devoted to making sense of the real potential and problems, and critically reviewing what’s out there.

trilliondollarTV! is here to make sense of Apple’s rumored TV business.

You won’t find a broad range of topics here, just everything I can find about the Apple TV business, organized and put into context, and subjected to critical thinking. What form will the business take, what products, services, and patent activity are related to it? How might it evolve from just the Apple TV set-top box to TV sets, subscription services, new remotes?

I think I have something of value to add. Once I build some critical mass of linked articles and commentaries, I’ll reach out to other tech blogs.


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